Ryuga Reviews – Little Hell

Good evening ladies, and of course – gentleman. My name is Ryuga, and I will be your reviewer for this evening. Tonight, join me as I review an album released a few months ago by Canadian folk outfit, City and Colour.


Admittedly, I was introduced to City and Colour through long-running CW television show “One Tree Hill” which featured Dallas Green in their Valentine’s Day episode last year. Firstly, if you’ve never listened to City and Colour – then I recommend listening to his first band Alexisonfire beforehand, if only to be able to appreciate the great contrast in genre and sound…it’s really quite amazing!

Raise Hell is Mr. Green’s third album as front man of City and Colour, opening up with an incredibly intricate and delicate track “We Found Each Other in the Dark”. However, the album doesn’t stop there, and from beginning to end the listener is treated to other carefully sculpted and brilliant tracks such as the title track “Little Hell” and “Northern Wind”.

His use of soft vocals, as well as exceptional use of the acoustic makes City and Colour an incredibly easy listen to the ears, and they are easily a band that you can just kick back and relax to.

The Lowdown

In a day and age where a great deal of music appears to be purely created for the purpose of reaching the airwaves, and where seemingly it also lacks real emotional connectivity with its audience, City and Colour manages to capture that rare essence which allows the listener to be able to take a breath and simply reflect about what’s happening in their lives.

If you’re a fan of other folk or acoustic bands such as Bright Eyes, Bon Iver, and Death Cab for Cutie then you’ll definitely be able to appreciate City and Colour. If not, then I would still recommend at least giving them a shot, as you never know when you may come to appreciate something new.

It’s a Wrap!

My final thoughts? Wherever you may be in life, City and Colour is a band that may just strike a chord with listeners. Dallas Greens seems to be able to say so much with “Little Hell”, in so very little time – and that is something I believe is rare in music these days.

Please feel free to leave comments or recommendations below, as we’d love to hear exactly what you think of our work!

For now though, I’ll leave you with an aforementioned track from the album – “Northern Wind”.